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Ridiculous Requests: Ask The Cabin Crew

Gio, 12/01/2016
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Since the beginning of commercial flight, flight attendants have been seen to have one of the most glamorous jobs. But jet-setting across continents, meeting all different kinds of people and seeing the world might not be all it’s cracked up to be when certain passengers make impossible demands or ask silly questions.

Although it may seem logical, before making a request to your flight attendant try to put yourself in their shoes, after all, they are responsible for looking after you throughout the flight. We at Get Paid When Delayed have found some of the silliest questions flight attendants have ever been asked.

Can I change seats?

Wait until everyone has boarded, and then ask... Or just go for it (as long as the seat you’re eying up is in the same class, nobody should mind too much)

Can I sit in one of the empty first-class seats?

How annoyed would you be if you paid more for a first-class seat and suddenly the flight attendants started letting people with cheaper tickets in to sit next to you. Chances are the airline relies on the price of those seats to make the majority of their profit, giving them away to people who only paid for economy-class seats would completely defeat the point.

Can I use the first class toilet?

The same applies here…

What is your route?

Flight attendants don’t have a set route they stick to, they don’t fly from London to Paris all day long.

Can you tell me how to get cheap tickets?

As flight attendants fly for free, the chances are they have absolutely no idea and no tips on how to get good deals, the right time to buy or the cheapest seats.

Do you get a special discount for family and friends? (asked by people who are not family or friends)

Yes, they most likely do get special discounts for family and friends. If you have to ask about it, you probably aren’t entitled to it.

Will I make my connection?

The poor flight attendant has just as much of a clue as you do about whether you will make you connection.

Can you help me make my connection by getting everyone to stay seated, so that I can get off first?

How many times have you seen this happen? Do you really think you are the only person on the plane who has to rush to get a connection/bus/train/make a meeting…

Where are we flying over right now? What city is that down there?

Remember that class in school where you learnt to identify cities from 9km above only by their lights. Nope. Neither does the cabin crew.

Can you open the window?



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