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Most Annoying Things at the Airport

Mer, 07/27/2016
Long Queue at Airport

 A survey by the famous travel company has shown what most agitates airport clientele in Germany.

The top five answers were as follows:

55% of people said expensive food and drink was aggravating

51% said they seriously disliked queuing at the check-in desk

37% despised the overcrowded airport lounge

30% were irritated by both unclear signs and the lack of signage

18% hated slow people going through security

18% said WiFi that didn’t work made them vexed

When asked the top three things that they wanted, the surveyed flyers answered that affordable food and drink, fast, free WiFi and comfortable, relaxing waiting areas for all passengers are their top prioirities.


Of course, getting delayed, denied boarding or having a flight cancelled is more annoying than all of these things put together! If this happens to you go to Get Paid When Delayed to start the process of claiming your money back or getting compensation!

I’ll take the expensive food, overcrowded airport with bad WiFi which is full of slow people and unclear signs just as long as I can get on that flight at the end of it all!