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Liable to Claim: Delayed Flight, Cancelled Flight or Denied Boarding?

Gio, 02/09/2017
Waiting for a delayed flight? You are owed money.

In the EU, passengers have rights protected by several regulations. The Regulation 261/2004 establishes rules and practices in the event of delayed and cancelled flights, or if passengers have been denied boarding at the gate. The lengthy document details the right to compensation, the right to care, rights to reimbursement or re-routing, upgrading and downgrading, rights of those with reduced mobility or special needs as well as an airlines obligation to inform passengers of their rights.

Although an airline is technically obliged to inform passengers whose flights have been disrupted of their rights, this does not mean that this will be done in an obvious or explicit way. In fact, all the airline must do is “ensure that at check-in a clearly legible notice containing the following text is displayed: ‘If you are denied boarding or if your flight is cancelled or delayed for at least two hours, ask at the check-in counter or boarding gate for the text stating your rights, particularly with regard to compensation and assistance’”. (Regulation 261/2004, Article 14)

It is not in an airline’s best interest to inform its delayed passengers the exact amount they are entitled to claim. This is the main reason why over 90% of those who could claim compensation never do. And why every year, €270 million worth of compensation never reaches those who have the right to claim it.

Even for those who are aware that they are entitled to claim compensation, the law can be tricky to get your head around. There are lots of clauses and conditions, and each case is different, meaning it can be difficult to work out just how much money one may be entitled to.

Get Paid When Delayed is here to help.

Our website is specifically designed to aid your claim. As you fill in our simple questionnaire, we calculate the figures for you and generate a personalized claim letter for you to send to the airline. We will also tell you how much the airline is liable to pay out and send you a copy of the letter to your email address. Then, we provide you with a number of ways to contact the airline so that you can quickly and easily file your claim by sending off the letter.

Our service is free of charge.

The process is much the same if your baggage has been lost, delayed or damaged during transit. Simply click Lost & Found to start your claim.

It’s never been easier to claim for delayed or cancelled flights, being denied boarding, lost baggage, damaged luggage or delayed bags!

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