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How long do I have to make a claim?

Mar, 10/18/2016
Claim for Delayed Flight

European Regulation 261/2004 from the European Union Court of Justice establishes laws and practices on refunding and compensating airline passengers in the event of a delay, cancellation or if they have been denied boarding. The regulation covers all EU airlines, as well as all flights that either land in or depart from an EU country. Thousands of passengers experience these kind of disruptions each year and do not know their rights, meaning they could be missing out on up to 600€ in compensation.

For those who have recently found out about this European Regulation, the common question to ask oneself is whether there is a time limit for filing such a claim. The answer to that question is of course yes, there is a time limit, but it is longer than you’d expect. Many of us have experienced delays and we might still have the chance to claim the compensation we are entitled to.

Those that want to make a claim should, however, be aware of the judgement of the European Court of Justice, in November 2012, which ruled that “Regulation No 261/2004 must be interpreted as meaning that the time limits for bringing actions for compensation under Articles 5 and 7 of that regulation are determined in accordance with the rules of each Member State on the limitation of actions.” In light of this ruling, each EU country differs in respect to time limits for making a claim for delayed and cancelled flights or incidents where passengers have been denied boarding.

In the United Kingdom the applicable time limit for making a claim is 6 years.

In Germany passengers can make a claim for incidents up to 3 years ago.

In France the limit is 5 years.

One of our Get Paid When Delayed team, Naomi, had a delayed flight 3 years ago from Sharm El Sheikh to London Gatwick, and she will be filing a claim with Monarch Airlines. The delay was overnight which meant that the airline was obligated to provide Naomi with accommodation, food, refreshments and a phone call, which they did do. But as the flight distance was over 3500km and the delay was over 5 hours these circumstances qualify her for a compensation of €600, which she did not realise she was entitled to until she started her job here at Get Paid When Delayed. As Naomi flew to and from London with Monarch, which is a British airline, she can make a claim for up to 6 years ago, so we’ve been supporting her and will be following her claim closely in the coming weeks! Good luck Naomi!

If you've been denied boarding, experienced a delayed or cancelled flight, you could be owed up to €600! 

Get Paid When Delayed is here to help. Speak to one of our customer service representatives if you need advice, or go to the site to Start Your Claim.