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Hand Luggage Restrictions

Ven, 09/16/2016
Carry-On Luggage Restrictions

What am I allowed to take?

Liquids over 100ml and razors are two obvious things everybody knows you can’t take on a flight in your carry-on baggage, but there are more rules that you might not be aware of..

Remember that although you can take more than one bottle of liquid up to 100ml, you must keep them in a plastic bag that is around 20cm by 20cm. Any more than this and the liquids will get confiscated. Creams, mascara, lipstick, gels and hair wax are all considered liquids at airport security!

Tent pegs are not allowed. So if you’re off somewhere to camp don’t forget to tuck them in your checked baggage, as being in your hand luggage will mean they get confiscated!

Lighters are allowed. However you are only allowed to carry one. If you have two, one will get taken away from you.

Sports equipment should be checked in, so don’t even try taking it through security in your carry-on; cricket bats, hockey sticks and even badminton rackets can be considered weapons.

The same goes for tools being regarded as weapons, so leave your screwdriver, drill, saw and spanner at home.

Also, anything that looks like a weapon can be confiscated. Stick your grenade-shaped shampoo dispenser and Kalashnikov water pistol in your checked bag to go in the hold and save yourself a slap on the wrist from airport security.  

The rules are there to make sure the journey is a safe one for everyone on board, and they are within reason. There are still plenty of things that are allowed in your carry-on.

Parachutes, for example, are technically allowed to be carried inside hand luggage. You’ll most likely get stopped and asked some serious questions if you attempt it though.

Knitting needles are allowed, except if they are knitting needles with blades or if you bring thread cutters with you too.

Cake is allowed in hand luggage. Why not take cupcakes and make some friends on the plane, it’ll certainly put everyone in a better mood than the plane food can.


Pack wisely! 

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