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Lun, 06/27/2016

A study has shown that 7 out of 10 flyers who get caught up in delays or cancellations do not claim the compensation they are owed under EU Regulations.

That means that just under a third of travellers actually claim what they are legally entitled to. And it doesn’t stop there. Between 25 and 30% of those that do pursue their refund or compensation go through a claims management or legal company, meaning that they lose money due to commission, fees or hidden costs. Going directly to the airline with your claim is much more effective; helps you do this with the claims letter which is generated, totally free of charge.

The website,, which led the study, has also shown that airlines could be entitled to pay up to 146 million Euros in compensation this summer to over half a million flyers who are expected to be delayed. This works out at around 551€ per person.


Don’t miss out on what you are owed! 

Go to to start your claim.