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Step By Step Guide For Refund

Wed, 04/27/2016
Get paid when delayed


Step 1. Enter the website 

Step 2: Click on Start your claim!First step

Step 3: Click on one option, Plane or Train?

select option

Step 4: Choose one of the options, Flight Delayed, Flight Cancelled or Denied Boarding?

select an option

Step 5: Choose one of the following options.

select an option

Step 6: Add all your details, then a result is generated on many kilometers your flight distance was.

select an option

select an option

Step 7: Enter the date of travel and when you actually arrived. The delay time will be calculated.

enter details

Arrival date

Step 8: Choose whether you received a welfare package or didn't receive one. If you didn't receive one you can upload receipts of all the purchases that you have made whilst being delayed.

Welfare package

yes or no

Step 9: Our algorithm will generate an amount of how much compensation or refund you will potentially receive.

You can also check out our youtube tutorial!!