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An Interview with Gudrun from Reisebloggerin.at

Wed, 04/05/2017
Blogger Interview

Reisebloggerin.at is a one of the top travel blogs in German. Gudrun, who runs the blog, lives in Vienna, Austria and is excited to share some of her travelling experiences with Get Paid When Delayed for an exclusive interview! Gudrun is away for about 4 months of the year and her hometown just about smack bang in the middle of Europe, so she’s lucky enough to have been many places across the Continent. She is also part of #7ways2travel, which is a blogging network offering a monthly series of travel blogs – a great way to read about travel and improve your German too!

Hey Gudrun! First of all, our readers would love to know: What’s your favourite place to visit in Europe?

I like the small cities in southern France, like Toulouse, Montpellier and Marseille. Ok, Marseille is not that small. And I also like my hometown very much. Vienna is a great place to live.

Gènial! We agree- the South of France is beautiful isn’t it! And, yes, we’re super jealous that you get to live in such a magical city like Vienna. Where haven’t you been in Europe yet and where would you like to go? Do you have any trips lined up?

I've never been to Rome or Amsterdam and I would love to explore the Eastern Part of Europe. My next city trip will be to Belgrade.

What about European airlines? If you had to fly with one for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?

I had always a good connection with Swiss. I like the food, the service in general and the connection from Vienna to Zurich is excellent, so I can go almost anywhere...

Do you have a preference where you sit on a flight? Do you prefer the aisle, window seat, back or front of the plane?

It depends on the length of the flight. If it's a short distance, not more than 2-3 hours, I like to sit in the aisle seat, if it's a longer flight, I prefer a window seat. A seat in the front would be great!

You do a lot of travelling, so the chances are you’ve been delayed before, right? What was the worst time you’ve ever been delayed and why was it so bad?

 I can think of two times that I’ve experienced a delayed flight. Both times because of bad weather conditions. The first time I planned to go from Vienna to Dublin, and I landed in Frankfurt.
The second time I was travelling from Munich to Funchal, Madeira. We had also bad weather, so we landed on a small island called Porto Santo. There we waited for better weather, which never came. So we flew to Fuerteventura and spent the night there.
But I remained positive and got to have more of an adventure!

Staying overnight in an airport is never fun, but if you had to spend 24 hours in an airport which one would you choose.

If I had to spend 24 hours in an airport, I think I would choose Zurich.

And what’s the worst airport you’ve ever been to?

The worst airport I’ve ever been to was Frankfurt in Germany. It's far too big, and it seems like I have always to go to the furthest end.

Which do you prefer: an early morning, or a late night flight?

I prefer an early morning flight.

Do you have any habits when you’re flying, like taking a certain pillow or wearing a certain outfit?

I always wear a hooded pullover, a long, warm scarf. And in the plane I change my socks and I wear slippers.

That sounds like a good plan for preparing for a flight, warm layered clothing and a scarf to cozy up in! Do you have any other tips or tricks which make travelling easier?

Just one word: Relax!

Thanks Gudrun, we wish you all the best with your future travels and look forward to seeing more of your brilliant blog posts!


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