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Will Sofie and Billy get refunded?

Tue, 04/19/2016
sofie 2

Follow our First Web Series of Sofie and Billy's Flight Compensation.

 Thanks to the airline's negligence, Sofie and Billy had their first real fight. After a week of not talking (the longest they have gone without contact), they decided it was time to meet for a coffee.

Things were back to normal after 3 hours of talking about it, they decided they weren't at fault. It was the airline's. Thus, they began their journey to seek Remuneration/Refund/Compensation. After lots of research and looking through forums and websites they could only find companies that offered help only to then take a commission.

Then they arrived at Get Paid When Delayed it seemed too good to be true. NO COMMISSION, NO HIDDEN COSTS, NO FEES, NO LAWYERS.

Follow their Journey... (to be continued)