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Will Nina Get Paid?

Thu, 09/22/2016
AirBerlin Berlin-Tegel Airport

Two weeks ago we reported in our blog a case of delay, consequent missed connection and delayed baggage. We’ve been hearing from Nina at since and following her case closely.

We mentioned in our first blog about Nina's case that she was offered a 100 Euro voucher by the airline. Nina has since been offered a 500 Euro voucher. However, according to EU regulation 261/2004, Article 7.3, compensation should be paid in cash, bank transfer, bank order or bank cheque. The only case in which the airline can compensate a passenger with a voucher, is if the passenger has given signed agreement beforehand.

Since Nina did not agree to a voucher, AirBerlin is liable to pay her in the above-stated forms only. She contacted the airline again and said that she did not accept a voucher.

It took the airline a while to respond, yet again, but they have asked Nina for a telephone number and when she is available to talk.

That was two days ago and Nina is still waiting…

Will AirBerlin compensate?


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