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Why Don't Delayed Passengers Claim Compensation?

Thu, 02/16/2017
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Around €270million goes unclaimed every year because the majority of airline passengers don’t know that they are entitled to claim for delayed or cancelled flights, or if they have been denied boarding. In the UK, passengers can get compensation for flight disruptions up to 6 years in the past, yet over 90% never do. Here are the top reasons why so much compensation money never reaches those who are entitled to it:

They claim it’s too much effort

Facing the process alone can be overwhelming. First, there’s the long and complicated legislation to get your head around, then there’s the task of working out how much you’re liable to claim, then you have to write a claim letter and trawl through the airline’s website to find their (often well hidden) contact details. Get Paid When Delayed rolls all of these mammoth tasks into one easy questionnaire, which will generate a personalized claims letter to send off. After that, we provide you with multiple ways of contacting the airline, so you can quickly and easily get the ball rolling with your claims process.

They forget

Delayed and cancelled flights are extremely frustrating, but often the relief to have finally arrived at your destination can cause you to forget that you can be compensated for the inconvenience. Using Get Paid When Delayed, you don’t have to wait until you get home! Simply create your letter, and contact the airline straight away with the details we provide. Use the mobile version of our website from your sun lounger or on the beach, so that you can claim money from your airline whilst still relaxing on holiday!

Claims companies are costly

Get Paid When Delayed does not charge any fees. We are a non-profit community platform which aims to help delayed passengers to understand their flight claim without taking any commission. That means you get to keep 100% of your compensation. Chat to one of our customer service representatives if you need advice.

Airline loyalty

Airlines cannot and will not discriminate against passengers who have laid claims against them. This is illegal and will land them in more trouble. Don’t be afraid to make a claim due to airline loyalty or because you think it isn’t fair on the airline. Many airlines add a surcharge to their ticket prices to cover the costs of such claims, so don’t miss out on what you’re entitled to.

They think it’s complicated

The claims process is indeed complicated, which is why we’ve created Get Paid When Delayed. Try out the website simply by clicking Start Your Claim and answering a few questions to work out what you’re owed. It’s free!

Accepting excuses made by airlines

Airlines can give certain excuses as to why a flight has been delayed, cancelled or why a passenger has been denied boarding, sometimes their superior knowledge can help them to sidestep the law and passengers will not proceed with their claim. If you have any questions, are unsure about the rules or simply need support, check our FAQs or get in touch with a customer service representative.

They are not aware that they can claim

This is the biggest reason why most passengers who are liable to claim compensation for delayed and cancelled flights never do. So tell everyone you can- family, friends and fellow passengers will be grateful to hear that they can be compensated by the airline!

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