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What might Brexit mean for flight costs?

Wed, 06/22/2016
Map of Europe

With the referendum looming many British holidaymakers have been left wondering what might come of their holiday plans.

Will they need to start thinking about a visa for their Spanish beach getaway? Or will they still be able to get such a great rate for their pounds when organizing that shopping trip to Milan? What about health insurance? Will the EHIC card be null and void for British travelers?

One thing that leaving the EU might bring for Britain is a rise in the cost of a flight to an EU country.

The EU has an Open Skies Agreement (also with the United States of America), meaning that airlines have the freedom to fly between any airport in any EU country and the USA, as well as domestic flights between cities not in the home country of the specific airline. This has meant wonders for competition between air carrier companies and the budget airline revolution that has happened since the 1990s. 

The rise of airlines such as EasyJet or Ryanair has seen passengers benefit hugely and more people have been able to afford to go to places they wouldn’t have before.

The possible Brexit, which will be decided by the voting population of the UK tomorrow, 23rd June 2016, might mean that Britain will no longer be part of this Open Skies Agreement. Not only could this mean disaster for British travelers looking to get a good deal on their flights, but this could also have a knock on affect for resorts in and around the Mediterranean which rely on a largely British clientele.

Whatsmore, London, as the hub of world aviation, might also be affected by the decision which British voters will take tomorrow.

Whatever the outcome, it will certainly be interesting to see whether it makes a difference to travel and holidaying within Europe!

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