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Want to know the secrets of how to win the attendants over on a long haul flight?

Fri, 09/08/2017

Say you have your next Summer Holiday booked and you’ve chosen to visit Australia. Your travel plans: London to Sydney via Dubai. You’ve got your flip flops, your beach towel and you’re ready to darken that glow worm skin you’ve been cultivating since last Autumn. Exciting! It will be a hot summer and you will be in Sydney!

You print your flight information and check the dates. You leave on the 10 January and you arrive… wait, what? You arrive 2 days later, on the 12 January in the evening!

Then you check below and see, it’s more than 40 hours flying time… Cattle class!
Oh God, how will you survive?

How will you cope?

Has this happened to you? For me, it’s all too familiar. However, years of travel time has taught me one thing for certain:

You must get the Flight Attendants on your side!
Here are a few tips on do’s and don’ts that will guarantee your hostie giving you more snacks and drinks.

1. Don’t push the passenger call button… constantly! Better to get eye contact like normal humans do.
2. Don’t make last minute special requests. But do book ahead with your dietary requirements and seat preferences.
3. This should go without saying, but surprisingly some people still live in the 50’s. No Patting and/or Pinching your Hostess’ Bottom…
4. Try smiling. Your hostess is on the same flight as you after all, but unlike you, their working. Remember to empathize.
5. Watch the crew eat in the gallery. Let them have a break.
6. Abide by safety regulations. Flight attendants undergo a lot of training in regards to your safety, so just remember how high you actually are. You are really in their hands.
7. We’ve all dreamed about it (at least I have), but unless you’re on a private jet, trying to join the mile high club in the toilets just being inconsiderate. First, Flight Attendants just never seem to clean the toilets enough and, maybe less importantly, people notice… That queue is never shorter than 5 people. Maybe you could try making a tent out of food trays, blankets and hand luggage?

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