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Visa Rules Differ from Country to Country

Thu, 06/02/2016
Visa approved

The importance of getting a Visa before traveling

The idea of visiting a new country is always exciting and sometimes people might fall into the trap of not doing some groundwork before booking their flights. If you are among those people, you might find that you don't get a visa upon arrival, or that you should have sent your passport in advance in order to be stamped. This is quite a common occurrence, it is good to know that different countries do have different visa rules and that these differ from the country of origin of your passport.

For example, a person with an Italian passport can walk into Germany or any other EU country without the necessity of a travel visa, but, a person with an Indian passport has to apply for a Schengen travel visa, approximately one month or more in advance. Most of the official immigration websites currently list the documents and processing times required to apply for a visa. The tricky part is when you are in a foreign country and you want to add another country to your travel schedule. It might be important to find out if your country is included in the list of those able to apply for a visa from outside the country of origin itself. It would be great to have a website containing a comprehensive list of visa processing times, clarifying also if you actually need a visa or not, depending on the country of origin.

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