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Travel Smart: Having A More Comfortable Flight

Thu, 07/07/2016
Flight Comfort

Flights can be tiring, uncomfortable and frustrating even at the best of times, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to improve yours. Remembering just a few small things can help you to feel much more at ease on your journey.

Hide in a hooded sweatshirt.
As airplanes can get cold and loud, a hooded sweatshirt can be a wonderful place to retreat into your own cocoon and get some sleep.

Wear a scarf
Although many airlines provide blankets, they are often thin and rather small. Take a scarf, keeping your neck wrapped up will make you feel a lot warmer. A pashmina (cashmere wool) or cotton scarf is also great for doubling up as a blanket, or hiding your face if you have trouble sleeping in such a crowded environment.

Turbulence? Move about.
Jiggling your body can help counteract turbulence and make you feel less nauseous. Nobody will notice because the plane will be jiggling too!

Smart shoes
Comfort is everything when on a cramped airplane. Turning up to the airport in heels or flip flops isn’t a great idea, although emergencies are rare, you never want to be the one who has any extra difficulty because of your choice of shoes.

Ear plugs
Both for preventing noise, or if you get ear pain during flights. They are inexpensive and a real life-saver!