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Travel Beauty Tips for Flying

Thu, 10/13/2016
Make The Most Out of Your Flight With Our Travel Beauty Tips

We all feel the effects flying has on our bodies. The lack of humidity in the cabin air dries out our skin, the jet lag makes us feel tired and the in-flight nap smudges make-up, there’s no doubt that flying makes us all feel less than fresh.

Yet flight attendants always look so pristine, royals and celebrities always seem to emerge from the plane paparazzi-ready... So what are we all missing?

Here are our tips for a beautiful flight:

Skin- The high altitude makes the air drier, so things like hand moisturizer, petroleum jelly and face cream can make you feel better and fresher too. Cabin crew staffs know that many hours of flying make your face oily too, so they often carry face tissues to dab away excess shine on the face.

Hair- Apparently, some celebrities use silk or satin pillow cases if they want to get an in-flight nap. Probably because both materials are gentle and soft on the skin so don’t mess up their make up and hair-dos.

Eyes- This is what sunglasses were invented for, and celebs have been using this trick against the airport paps for years.

Body- Working out before a flight can improve your mood by releasing endorphins and getting your blood flowing. Make sure you drink plenty of water before a flight, staying hydrated is particularly important if you’ve decided to work out beforehand too.

Jet Lag- Flight attendants really are the experts when it comes to jet lag, and they say working out and drinking plenty of water can make a big difference. Try a drop of lavender oil on your pillow if you struggle to get to sleep at the time you desire.

Hands- Take hand sanitizer every time you travel. Think of how many times you’ve been in a public toilet or in the airport and been caught short. It’ll also make you feel a little cleaner and ready to tuck in when it's time to eat.

Food- Skip the microwaved food from the airline if you want to land feeling refreshed, it’s better to fill up on healthy snacks like fruit, nuts or salad.

Stress- Staying calm can improve your aesthetic hugely. If you’re nervous about flying, try some breathing exercises and have a chat with the cabin crew, they’ll be able to calm you down.


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