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Sofie and Billy’s cheque has arrived!

Thu, 06/23/2016
The Cheque has arrived

Over the last few months we have kept up with Sofie and Billy, who had a return flight from Copenhagen to Berlin delayed for over 3 hours!

They had originally looked for compensation online and only found companies that took commission, however when they found Get Paid When Delayed they were delighted. They found there was a way to get help without hidden costs or having to pay commission, fees or lawyers.

Sofie and Billy completed the simple steps on the website and their claim letter was created for them. After sending in the letter and contacting EasyJet publicly on one of their social media sites, Sofie and Billy received a fast response.


Now we have the final piece of the story! The cheque has arrived! And they sent us a picture! Sofie and Billy have been fully compensated and feel overjoyed with the outcome of their claim. We at getpaidwhendelayed are also pleased and motivated to help many more people get the refund and compensation they are entitled to.


If you’ve been delayed, a flight has been cancelled, or you’ve been denied boarding without good reason then go to our website homepage Get Paid When Delayed and start your claims process now!