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Sleeping on the Plane: How to get through an overnight flight.

Fri, 08/26/2016
Plane Seats Comfortable Nap

A good way not to lose any of those precious sunny vacation days is to fly overnight. Late night flights have been dubbed ‘red eyes’ though, as the effect they have on even the fittest and most energetic of us is visible. It’s hard to get through a full day when you’ve had minimal sleep in an uncomfortable chair 30,000 feet in the sky.

It’s good to know how to make the most of the time you have between runways, how to get 40 winks so that you can land at least a little rested and ready to take on the day.

1. Plan your itinerary well, make sure you either fly non-stop or have a long single leg, so that you can get as much uninterrupted napping time in as possible.

2. Drink plenty of water, eat well before you fly and avoid alcohol so that you do not get dehydrated in the dry air.

3. Frequent flyers are wise and tend to choose the window seat, so that they have something to lean on. It’s also good to think about avoiding the last row if you don’t want to be near the bathroom and be constantly disturbed by people walking past. Remember sometimes exit row seats don’t recline. If you want to recline your chair, just do it!

4. Make sure you have light, layered clothing on that you can remove. You may get too cold, or you may get too hot, so it’s nice to have options. A pashmina-style scarf is always a good thing to have with you: use it as a blanket or pillow.

5. Don’t have caffeine or sugar before you fly so that you feel more tired when you’re on the plane.

6. Eat protein and fibre when you land in the morning to give you slow releasing energy and set you up for the day. If you can’t get a shower, submerge your face in sink of water at the airport, this will lower your heart rate.


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