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Secrets Inside the Aircraft: Things You Didn't Know Were On Your Flight

Fri, 07/29/2016
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Aircraft are full of secrets that most passengers don't know about. Next time you fly keep an eye out and see if you can spot any! Hopefully you won't have to see any used, as most of them are only for emergencies!!

Beds for Pilots and Crew
All long-haul aircraft have secret resting compartments where the airline staff can take their mandated rest time. They are usually above the main cabin, and sometimes have a secret staircase. Some aircraft have bunk beds, some have curtains or partitions so that the crew can get some privacy during their break.

Passenger Restraint
This is essentially a pair of handcuffs, which all flights will carry. The airline staff will only use them if they really need to, in order to restore order when someone gets out of hand, or threatens the safety of the other passengers or themselves.

In the case that somebody suffers cardiac arrest during a flight, it’s not easy to land and get them to hospital. After somebody died on a Ryanair flight in 2015 they announced that all their aircraft would carry defibrillators.

Sky Marshals
Sky Marshals are like secret agents who patrol the skies, they might look like normal passengers but they carry side-arms and spring into action in the case of a terrorist attack or extreme situation. They won't help the crew with drunken brawls or difficult passengers though, as such situations may just be a ploy to reveal the Sky Marshal.

Axes & Fire Extinguishers
Two things you don’t want to see used, but would be glad to have on board in case of an emergency.

Camera Surveillance
CCTV cameras can be hard or easy to spot, but many aircraft now have them as an extra security measure.


Unfortunately aircraft don't carry anything on board that can prevent delays- if only their was such a device!

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