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Secrets of the Aviation Industry

Tue, 01/31/2017
Pilots in a cockpit during landing

There are more than 100,000 flights scheduled across the entire planet in just one day. Meaning we could also say that, at any given time, there are between eight and nine thousand flights in the air. (Check out this website if you want to get some idea of just how many airliners are in the sky as you are reading this!) That’s a whole lot of people in the air, sleeping, reading, eating, looking out at the clouds and enjoying in-flight entertainment. Aviation has become something of normality, particularly in more economically developed countries, but what secrets lie behind closed the cabin doors and the uniforms of the 9.9 million people worldwide who work in aviation?

In today’s blog we’ll be enlightening our readers on some of the undisclosed facts about the airline industry, the unspoken truths about flying and the planes which so many of us have become accustomed to as the world gets smaller and aviation takes off like never before. Hold on to your life jackets, we don’t intend to put you off flying!

The front of the aircraft is the least safe place to sit. In case there is a crash (although highly unlikely) the nose will be the first to hit the ground, and consequently the survival rate of the front seats is much, much slimmer.

Cabin air can be contaminated by fumes. Aerotoxic syndrome can be caused by inhaling toxic fumes from plane engines; although not common, and more likely to affect pilots who are constantly in the air, breathing in the fumes can be highly dangerous and there have been calls for detection devices to be installed on all aircraft.

Airport staff have more fun than they let on. Apparently security staff has been known to drink alcohol that has been confiscated and even laugh at the naked images of passengers that show up on the full body scanners. Many countries have denied this happens at their airports, and that security is the main concern of their TSA staff.

Severe turbulence is extremely, extremely rare. A bumpy flight can be unnerving and rather uncomfortable but most pilots claim that ‘severe turbulence’ is so rare that many of them have never experienced it. Nevertheless, probably a good idea to keep your seatbelt on at all times anyway.

Around 50% of all pilots have fallen asleep whilst flying. That’s why there are always two pilots and serious changes to work hours have been suggested by the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

Lost luggage is sold if it is never picked up or claimed. Auction houses in deal with luggage left at London’s airports. Don’t let your lost luggage end up in somebody else’s hands; make a claim today with Lost & Found. We help you gain compensation and a refund for incurred expenses.

Check your life jacket is under your seat. Although a disgusting and punishable offence, people like to take them as souvenirs, so check yours is there. The airline crew checks at the start of each day but double checking could save your life!

Flight times have got longer in recent years. The actual time it takes to fly may not have changed, but airlines have taken to manipulating the times so that they can always arrive on time, or early. This is called ‘schedule padding’. Cunning.

The top reasons for getting an upgrade are (in no particular order): honeymoon, regular customer, faulty seat or entertainment system, pregnancy, height, travelling alone or simply if you just ask nicely!

Flying is, statistically, the safest form of travel, with only one death for every 30 million passengers. Another big secret of the airline industry is that if the engine cuts out, your chances of survival through gliding down safely to earth are actually very high!

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