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Ryanair and legal firm lock horns – but passengers don’t need a lawyer!

Fri, 10/06/2017

The flight delay chaos caused by Ryanair is still making headlines as law firm FairPlane, which charges 25 percent for compensation won, accuse the airline 'intimidating' their clients claiming compensation. Ryanair are accused of interfering with FairPlane clients by sending letters questioning if they had “actually agreed to assign [their] claim”, and informing them that they can claim compensation directly through the airline.
While Ryanair and FairPlane bicker, it’s worth noting that those affected by the flight delays can get their money back without legal representation.
Before forking out for a lawyer, simply fill out the forms on Get Paid When Delayed. It generates a legal letter citing all the relevant paragraphs under which passengers can claim compensation.
This free service was started by Oliver Wessling, Director of NOS Microsystems, after a lengthy flight delay put him out of pocket. The major airline involved gave him the run around, and then wanted to palm him off with a token amount of compensation. But Oliver happened to know the law and he could cite it. Since the experience left him so annoyed, he wants everyone else to know it too.
“Airlines will try to not pay, and lawyers will try to take money for getting passengers the compensation they are legally entitled to, but by using this site passengers can stick it to the airline without paying a lawyer. The online form will do everything a lawyer can do,” explained Oliver.