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Make It Through A Long Haul

Tue, 01/17/2017
Enjoy A Long Flight Even If You're Not In First Class

Any flight over 6 hours is classed as a long-haul flight. These can wreak havoc on your body and your mood, not only because you have to sit for such a long time, but also due to the time difference and consequent jetlag which ensues. Being delayed before a long-haul can make things even worse, prolonging your journey and discomfort by having to wait around the airport before you even set off. That’s where Get Paid When Delayed can help, we put flyers’ interests and our aim to inform passengers of their rights when flying, and aid them in understanding what they are owed and claiming the money from their airline. We want to help you make the best out of your delay and the long-haul ahead of you.

Reduce jetlag

One way you can significantly improve your susceptibility to jetlag is apparently by eating food which are high in carbohydrates on the plane. Experts say this is because foods which are rich in carbs help induce insulin secretion. Insulin makes it easier for your body clock to transition between schedules. So when choosing your airline meals go for high-carb foods like spaghetti, oatmeal or whole grain bread. Apparently green tea can also help reduce jetlag, so sip a cup throughout your flight.


Take snacks which are high in protein in case you get hungry on the plane, protein will help you to feel full for longer. Having snacks at the ready will also stop you wasting money on over-priced in-flight snacks.

Don’t fill yourself up too much though! It’s harder for your body to digest foods whilst flying. If you’re having a meal try to eat something warm as it’s easier to digest. If you want to be one of the first to be served your meal, no matter where you’re sitting, request a special meal, such as vegetarian, kosher or gluten free, these are always served first.

Drink responsibly

Travelling on a plane can be really dehydrating, so drink more water than you normally would. Avoid drinks like coffee and alcohol which make you even more dehydrated.

Dress wisely

Loose-fitting, comfy clothes should be your go-to for long-haul flights. Stay warm by bringing a jumper and a scarf as temperatures on a flight can fluctuate, you’ll want layers you can either remove or add depending on how you feel.

Eye-masks, neck pillows, headphones

Bring the things that make you comfortable, whether you want to block out light, sound or rest your head you will appreciate the extra effort you made to pack a neck pillow, noise-cancelling headphones or an eye-mask. You won’t regret bringing anything that can make you sleep easier.

Keep your skin hydrated too

If you suffer from dry skin, a long-haul will only make it worse. Prepare yourself by bringing the cosmetics you need. Apply moisturiser to your face, hands and lips during flight and before you land to refresh you.

If you've been delayed, a flight has been cancelled or you have been denied boarding, then you could be owed a refund or up to 600 Euros in compensation. Our website generates a fully completed claims letter ready for you to send to the airline. Just fill in our questionnaire and add your details to create your personalised letter. 

All details which you add will never be shared with any third parties, we simply use them to complete your letter.

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