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Lost and Found: Baggage Claims

Mon, 09/19/2016
Damaged, Lost or Delayed baggage?

Our website, has a new feature: Lost and Found!

This is our brand new free service that helps you claim for lost, delayed or damaged bags on international flights. Our user-friendly model calculates what you may be owed and generates a claim letter within a matter of minutes. When a claim letter is ready, we provide you with a number of ways you can contact your airline.

We are here to help every step of the way, from understanding the rules and regulations, to advise on which platforms to use and how to go about making contact with an airline which you want to make a claim to. We never charge a fee and never take commission.

You can use our chat feature to get help from one of our customer service representatives, who are experts on the conventions and regulations which entitle you to claim. They will know how best to deal with you circumstances and advise you on your rights. It’s also possible to get in touch using email, which our representatives will strive to reply to within 24 hours, as we understand the importance of fast action when it comes to such claims.

The Lost and Found feature on our website will ask you questions based on the Montreal and Warsaw Conventions, which lay down the law about delayed, damaged and lost baggage claims.

According to these conventions, passengers are liable to claim for lost, damaged and delayed baggage so long as the affected baggage was not caused by any defect in the baggage prior to flying or by a public authority such as the police or customers officers during a search. The airline is reliable if it, or its staff, is at fault.

Conventions also state that passengers must make a claim in writing within:

-7 days from receiving bags (damaged and destroyed baggage).
-7 days
since luggage is declared ‘lost’ (lost baggage).
-21 days
from luggage being returned (delayed baggage).

(Please Note: Any baggage missing for more than 21 days can be declared to be lost. In other words, claims must be made for lost baggage between 21 days and 28 days of the flight date).

Passengers are entitled to claim the following from the airline:

-the value of damaged or destroyed items
-the value of lost items
-expenses including essential items during the time the baggage was lost/ delayed
-expenses including essential items which had to be bought as a direct result damage or destruction of luggage
-the cost of returning to the airport to pick up any delayed or lost baggage when it arrives


In these terms, ‘essential items’ mean only what is needed and it is expected that costs for such items be kept to a minimum by the affected parties. Remember to keep receipts for any such purchases.

You can try out our new website feature yourself by going to

Don’t forget, our service is free! So make your claim today and keep 100% of the money you are owed.