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Innovative Backpacks for Travel

Fri, 04/22/2016

Travel Equipment to Make Travel Better (Backpacks)

Have you ever wondered why your backpack was not big enough or maybe too heavy, or if you could just charge your phone in it?

We compiled a list of the 5 most innovative backpacks 

1. The Electropack

The Electropack

This backpack is capable of charging your phone for up to 2 weeks when you are off the grid.

2. NightDay Backpack

NightDay backpack

This backpack is made specifically for night travel and to be visible while cycling. This scores high in the safety department.

3. Airbag Backpack Airbag backpack

This backpack inflates in 3 seconds and helps you stay afloat.

4. Voltaire Solar Backpack

  Voltaire Solar Backpack

This one is for the tech-junkies who can't live without their phones and iPods. This backpack uses the sun to charge itself.

5.Backpack Bike

Backpack Bike

This backpack turns into a bike. Whenever you feel tired or there is a tough terrain to cross over, this comes in very handy.

Photo Courtesy: CrookedBrain