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How to Make Travel Plans Online

Mon, 08/15/2016
Plan travel online before you go

The internet has made making travel plans a whole lot easier; the complete organisation of any trip can now be done from home. Everything from inspiration to booking is done online, but that doesn’t always make it’s easy. Planning travel on the internet means having to overcome a number of obstacles and knowing a few tricks can help any keen traveller get the best out of their arrangements. We’ve answered questions to put your minds at ease not only on holiday, but whilst planning it too.

What if I accidentally book a flight to the wrong place?

This is all too easy. The confusing airport code system can throw us. The only way to get around this is to really double check (and check again!) before you pay. It can cost a hefty fee to rebook or cancel a flight so make sure you’ve got the right code for the right airport. If you do make this mistake, call the airline directly to try and rectify the problem.

How do I work out my flight connections and layover times?

If working out complicated flights is getting too much, consider going to a travel agent. There is nothing wrong with doing it the old fashioned way, and an agent will be able to advise you on entry visas too, and save you a headache by helping with your flight itinerary.

Why does the cost of the flight always increase if I don’t book the first price I see on the website?

Clear your cookies or change browsers. Although it’s not proven whether the tracking cookies left on sites you visit raise the price if you leave and return later, it’s better not to take the risk. If you see the price you’d like to pay, don’t risk leaving it and hoping to find a better deal. Another customer may snap up the price you’ve seen and you won’t find it that low again.

What is the best search engine to use?

The best thing to do is use multiple search engines rather than just one. Don't neglect to compare what you find with what the airline itself offers!

What are the cheapest days to fly?

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the off-peak days for flying.

Why does my travel always cost more than the original price I found?

Some price comparison websites don’t include taxes, fees and extra costs in the prices they display to you. Check the rates to see if they include taxes and fees. Work out the extra costs of baggage, choosing your seat and priority boarding if you need them, so that you know what the end price of your ticket will be.

What do I do if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

That’s easy. Go to Get Paid When Delayed. We’re here to help. Our website is designed to work out how much you are owed in refunds and compensation. It’s completely free; we charge no fees, take no commission from your compensation sum and there are no other hidden costs. There is a chat feature on the site too, so that you can seek support from us if you need to.

Bon voyage!