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Wed, 08/24/2016
Fly the World: How to get the Best Deals

Booking a flight has never been easier. Or has it? In just a few years the internet has changed almost everything about booking travel. Gone are the days of popping down to town and booking a flight through the travel agents. Nowadays most flights are booked online, and although this might feel easier to be able to book from your sofa, most of us will know it actually takes a lot more effort to find a good deal.

There are many things that can affect the price of a flight online. Just a few of these are:

Oil Price
Major Events
Time and Date of Booking
Special Offers and Discounts

There is a theory that cookies can affect the price of a flight: if you check the price of a flight, leave the page and return later, the price is usually higher as the site will remember you and increase the price to make you panic and book it. Although this hasn’t yet been proved or confirmed, it doesn’t hurt to clear your cookies just to be sure.

The mathematical formula ∏A =gUG + min(k - g, (1 - g)(1 - r)) was even created and published in the Economist in 2010 as a way of working out how to book a cheap flight.

Booking as early as possible, despite common belief, doesn’t guarantee saving money. Buying it too late won’t work either, as statistics show that tickets bought within 2 weeks before the departure date are always the dearest.

Off-peak travel is always a sure way to save cash. This of course means avoiding July and August and the school holiday season, when European holiday destinations are at their warmest. But if you don’t want to go during winter but still wish to save money, the best time to fly is the shoulder season, during the spring or autumn.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the cheapest days to fly, because nobody wants to fly on these days! Tuesdays and Wednesdays are also statistically the best time to buy flights too, the best deals are available just after lunch, apparently.

There are plenty of comparison websites out there, and many of them offer the chance to search with flexibility, so the best way is to try all your options and compare what deals you can find. If that’s too much, remember the travel agents haven’t gone out of business just yet!

Happy Travelling!

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