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Fun Facts about Flying!

Fri, 08/12/2016
Flying into the Sunset

Fun trivia to think about whilst cruising at 36,000 feet!

-3 pilots are needed for flights longer than 8 hours.

-4 pilots are needed for flights longer than 12 hours.

-There is usually one flight attendant per 50 passengers.

-There is a height requirement for flight attendants, so that they can reach the overhead safety equipments.

-There is normally one toilet for every 50 passenger seats.

-Lights are turned off during take-off and landing. This is for your own safety! If there is an emergency you will be able to see better as your eyes will already have adjusted to the low light.

-The world’s oldest airline is KLM, eastablished in 1919.

-The average wait time at security doesn’t differ much if you’re in a small or a large airport. The average wait at smaller airports is 13 minutes and at large airports it is 16 minutes.

-American Airlines once cut their annual costs by 40,000 dollars by removing one olive from each salad in 1987.

-Airplane food may not be so bad after all.. your taste buds are numbed while flying.

-70 items of clothing were worn once by a man to a Chinese airport trying to avoid baggage charge.

-The word ‘MAYDAY’ actually comes from the French m’aidez, which means help me!

-More international passengers fly with RyanAir than any other airline.

-75% of arguments start with passengers in economy class reclining their seats.

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