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Flying Myths Debunked

Mon, 07/11/2016
Sit over the wing for a smoother ride

Pilots don’t worry about turbulence. It won’t cause the plane to crash, and the pilots will do their best to get through it without spilling your coffee.

Pilots don’t eat plane food
They get separately prepared meals, to reduce the risk of getting ill. Both pilots have something different, so that if one gets ill, the other can fly the plane.

Where to sit
Is the front really the best? Seats over the wing actually have the smoothest ride. The back is the bumpiest place to sit. The plane is warmer at the back, and air is fresher at the front, due to the flow of air! 

False delay times
When you airline informs its passengers of a 45 minute delay, they quite often don’t know how long exactly the delay will be. They don’t say an hour because it is seen as too long.

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