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Festive Flying

Fri, 12/09/2016
Flying Home For Christmas

There’s something special about flying around Christmas time, a little extra feeling of adventure, perhaps it has something to do with unforgettable images of flight during the festive season, like the snowman soaring over hills and snow on his way to the North Pole in the famous book by Raymond Briggs, or maybe it’s the airport scenes at the start and end of the film Love Actually which observe the huge amount of love shown at arrival gates. For many of us, it’s the excitement of flying home, or flying somewhere special, to spend Christmas with our loved ones.

The truth is, flights are always more expensive around December. According to some flight comparison websites, you could be looking at paying around 75 percent more than any other time of year, for the exact same route. Okay, we can’t verify whether this scare tactic is true, but we can say that it’s worth shopping around for deals, because prices fluctuate hugely all year round. Seat prices can change several times a day all year round. Bloggers, travel experts and price comparison websites all have their own theories of the best way to get a flight for the least amount of money. One thing that is true is that prices tend to start of around mid range about a year in advance, then they will get increasingly lower and lower between about 6 months and 3 months in advance. Between 3 months and 45 days before travelling is said to be the prime time for finding the best deals. That’s from mid September until around the first week of November if you’re looking for flights over the Christmas period. If you’re trying to book any later than the last week of November you’re likely to have a hard time, prices spike around 2 weeks before the festive period. Airlines know that if you’re looking at that time, you won’t have any other option but to pay their price.

Being delayed, or having a flight cancelled is not ideal any time of year. Nobody wants the stress and frustration of it during the festive period or in the chilly December weather. But did you know you could be owed up to €600 in compensation under EU Regulation 261?!

That’s where Get Paid When Delayed is here to help.

The website is easy to use and makes the process of starting a claim so much faster and simpler. We work out what you’re owed and create your personalized claims letter for you. All you have to do is answer a few questions and fill some details on our site.

We also have a section dedicated to claiming for lost, damaged and delayed baggage: Lost & Found.