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Duty Free Limit (Europe)

Mon, 04/25/2016
Duty free store

Duty-Free. How Much can I Take?

Duty-free at the airport always excites everyone. When you have a layover or when your flight is delayed or cancelled, buying gifts or treating yourself is a great way to spend time; even more so when it's cheaper!

The most common purchases are alcohol and cigarettes. But, it's always good to know how much you can buy.

If you are coming from outside of Europe you are allowed 200 Cigarettes and 1 liter of spirits. Anything above this has to be declared, if not will be taken away. This might differ from country to country, but this is a good scale of reference. It is important to check the immigration laws of what is allowed or not.

Basic pointers to remember:

1. Always save the bill

2. Ask for the items to be wrapped.

3. If ever in doubt, ask the people at the Duty-Free Store. They are pretty helpful and knowledgeable.