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Don’t Miss Your Connection!

Mon, 09/26/2016
Running through the airport

A journey with more than one flight can be stressful and tiring enough without the extra hassle of a tight connection between two flights. Aside from sprinting down the long corridors and trying to navigate the airport as quickly as possible, there are a few other things you can do to get to the flight on time. Here are our tips:

Tell your flight attendant
Although sometimes airline staff get a list of passengers who have connection flights to catch, it is also possible that they have no idea of your situation, especially if your next flight will be with a different airline. So it’s always best to speak up shortly before landing and as if there is any way you might be able to leave the plane first. If you don’t have any luck that way, the people around you be kind enough to let you through if you ask nicely.

Stay informed
You should get hold of accurate information on the gate number and flight status of your connection when you land. You can have this at your fingertips by downloading the airline’s app and easily stay updated.

Learn the airport
The key to making a tight connection is not getting lost. In a huge airport this can be very difficult. Keep your eyes out for signs whilst on the move and concentrate on where you have to get to, don’t be distracted by crowds of people moving in one direction, they might be headed somewhere different from you! Another good way of avoiding getting lost is printing out a map of the airport you’ll be rushing through. You can look at it on the first leg of your journey, check the airline’s app when you land to see which gate you’ll be heading for, find it on your map and head straight there. Make sure you have good map reading skills!

Try to get in contact with the gate agent
If both of your flights were with the same airline then your second flight will most likely be aware that you have landed. If they are not, you could stop in the airline and kindly ask an agent to notify your next gate that you are on way, they are likely to have a radio so they should be able to do this for you.

Be nice to people
They are more likely to let you pass if you ask nicely, shouting down the escalator or announcing loudly that everyone should move to the side because you've got a flight a to catch won't work, you'll just come across as rude and not many people will be willing to help you. Try to get their empathy instead and they will allow you through. 

Remember what it was like
One thing about having a tight connection is that it will probably make you empathetic towards anyone who you might see in future running for a connection. And it will probably make you remember to stand to the side of the escalator or moving walkways in future too..

If all else fails, running like crazy may still get you there on time! 

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