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Things To Do in the Airport (Flight Delayed)

Thu, 04/21/2016
Airport work out

Things to do when your flight is delayed.

Your flight is delayed!! If you're stuck in the airport you can always claim a refund or compensation, after having waited for more than three hours.

List of fun things to do at the airport

1. Read a book. (If you don't have one, stand in the duty-free for an hour and sneak-read one).

2. Watch a movie on your laptop.

3. Walk backwards on the floor escalators.

4. Always carry cards.

5. Challenge a stranger for a thumb war.

6. Re-enact your favorite show or movie.

7. Ask the airport authorities if you can make a few announcements for them.

8. Ask a stranger out for a date to the closest food court.

9. Play 20 questions with as many people as you can engage.

10. Create a treasure hunt for the kids in the airport.

11. Talk to a stranger about their life and travels.

12. Plan your next trip.

13. Take a break, find a massage chair and dont leave it.

14. Have a great sleep!!

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