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Delayed Ryanair passengers urged to Get Paid

Tue, 09/19/2017
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Some 2000 Ryanair flights will be canceling over the next six weeks because, the company says, a mess up in the planning of pilot holidays. But it’s not just the pilots’ holidays Ryanair are messing with as around 400,000 passengers have been left to make alternative arrangements.

Fortunately, disgruntled passengers can get the compensation they are entitled to. While Ryanair has promised this, users who are experiencing problems can take matters into their own hands with Get Paid When Delayed— a free website dedicated to getting compensation for users who have experienced flight or train delays.

“Our aim is to help the underdog defeat the multinational corporations and receive 100% of the compensation they are owed – never charging and never taking a commission,” said Oliver Wessling, Founder of Get Paid When Delayed. “Customers can get log on and have their claim letter ready in less than five minutes. Our user-friendly system automatically calculates what you are owed and cites all the necessary legal terms. Once you have your claim ready, we provide you with all known ways to contact your airline or train provider, as well as hints and tips to get the quickest response.”

It’s not only delayed flights that are covered by Get Paid When Delayed. If you travel on a plane and your baggage ends up being delayed, damaged or lost, it is the airline's (carrier's) liability to offset damages - even if you don't have travel insurance. “It’s worth noting that all is not lost just because you’ve lost your luggage,” concluded Mr. Wessling.