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Business or Leisure? Fly in a suit.

Fri, 07/22/2016
Frequent Flyer

When a friend recently mentioned to me that he always wears a suit to fly, at first I thought he was a little crazy. I’d always considered my comfort on a flight more than the way I look.

Flights are long. Seats are uncomfortable. The airplane can get cold. So considering what I wore was always more about practicality for me than fashion.

My friend had a point, “You get treated better”. I started to consider what he had said and realised maybe I’d had the wrong attitude all along.

Perhaps there is something in how smart you dress as an airplane passenger. You may get an upgrade, although most flights are overbooked these days, in the rare case that they aren’t, you may get an upgrade. Of course, the airline agents are more likely to put someone well-dressed up front than put someone wearing flip-flops amongst their best customers.

You’ll most likely feel better about yourself. If you look smarter, you will feel better and perhaps not feel grubby and tired when you arrive at your destination.

The flight attendant will have a nicer shift. Fairly certain no flight attendant enjoys serving half-asleep slobs wearing dirty sweatpants and flip flops.

You’ll save suitcase space by wearing your smartest clothes to fly.

Plus, you probably will get treated better. Nobody wants to annoy the nice businessman/woman.


Although it does seem a little old-fashioned, I’ll certainly be trying this out the next time I fly!


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