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Budget Travel in Europe

Wed, 04/20/2016

How to travel through Europe cheaply.

1. Destination: Plan your trip in advance.The earlier you buy your tickets the cheaper they will be. Travel through fewer places as it might be better to settle and enjoy one destination than to travel to many different ones.

2.Timing: Research when the peak time is to travel to particular place and avoid those times. If you plan your holiday at the end of the season, this also can contribute to lower travel costs. Plus everywhere won't be so full, so there's no having to wade your way through heaps of fellow tourists to get a ticket to see Shamu!

3. Alternative Transport: Flights are always expensive in Europe, but there are alternative transport methods like the bus, the train, a boat or even carpooling websites.

4. Accommodation options: You can always use couch surfing, a cheap hostel, Airbnb, or even book in advance so it's cheap. Making your own food instead of eating out is also a great option for cutting down costs.

Pic Credit:Word Press