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Billy and Sofie's Refund Story.

Tue, 04/26/2016
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Billy and Sofie's Refund (The Process Begins)

So we are back again following this couple's journey. After a lot of research and lot of finger blisters from typing on various forums, they settled on using our website.

Here is what they had to say about the website:

Sofie "After looking for a service which didn't require any lawyer fees or countless forms to be filled in, Get Paid When Delayed suited our needs the best. It was a very well designed website, easy to navigate through and was so easy to use. It took us under a minute to get the whole process done."

Billy "It was very user-friendly and I didn't have to create an account or give more personal information than required either. Having a letter generated for me was very useful."

The pair have started the process and submitted all the necessary personal information required. Not to worry, we will be following their progress and updating the steps involved and what happens.

Stay tuned.