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Baggage Limit: How To Pack Light

Wed, 09/07/2016
Hand Luggage Allowance

If you’re only going away for a few days, a good way to save money is to limit what you take with you. By only taking carry on luggage you can cut out the extra fees for checked baggage. The trouble is, though, that the hand luggage limit is often just one bag, usually around 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, or smaller, so that it will fit in the overhead compartment. The maximum weight for hand luggage is usually around 10kg, however sometimes it can be even less, which means not paying for checked baggage can make packing a bit of a nightmare.

Packing light is not easy. We are used to taking certain things with us ‘just in case’, but cutting down on your holdall contents can feel both liberating and exciting. You’ll certainly feel more relaxed travelling when you don’t have too much baggage to lug around with you, and can save time because there is no bulky luggage to check in.

Here are our tips for packing light and saving precious luggage weight for souvenirs and gifts to bring home:

-Try packing cubes, they are bags which you can use to compress your clothes and keep things organised at the same time.

-Roll your clothes. Everyone has heard this trick, but how many of us actually do it? 

-Solid toiletries are a good way of getting around the liquid limit at airport security. Things like shampoo bars can last longer than a bottled shampoo and they can be used as soap too, making them a small and versatile necessity for packing light. Deodorants can also come in solid form. Leaky toiletries and burst bottles are no longer something you have to worry about if you travel with these!

-Avoid taking heavy, bulky books by downloading them to read on your tablet, e-book reader or on your phone.

-Foldable flat shoes take up hardly any room in your bag and give you options to change into.

-Even if you’re away for longer, try to only pack as though you’d be away a week. Go for clothes that are light and dry quickly as they will make your laundry so much quicker and easier whilst you’re away.

-Wear the clothes and shoes that take up the most room on the days when you’ve travelling. You don't have to try and wear as many clothes as possible, only the biggest pieces that don’t pack down small. And put things in your pockets!

-Make a list and pack a few days in advance. Each day leading up to the trip take one thing out that you don’t need, or that you’ve packed ‘just in case’. Chances are either you won’t use those things, or you’ll be able to find them at your destination if you need them.

Packing light is all about setting priorities so think about what objects might be most important to you and which are least important. Be ruthless and enjoy the adventure without all the baggage!

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