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Airport Prices Across Europe

Mon, 08/08/2016
Cheapest and Most Expensive Airports in Europe

Although not the most relaxing of airport pursuits, shopping seems to be something most of us cannot avoid doing whilst waiting for our gate to be called. Whether it be grabbing water for the plane, some last minute snacks, getting hold of a good book, or perusing through the duty free perfumes we all seem to shop at the airport in some shape or form. Sometimes we may feel like we’re being totally ripped off for our bottle of water and sandwich, and then other times we feel like we’ve come across a total bargain. Airports across the EU differ hugely in their prices, and this week we’ve been researching all sorts of things from parking to duty free to find out where you can get the best value for money.

Katowice Airport, in Poland is the cheapest place to park. It costs an average of about 17 Euros to park for a week. Heathrow airport, in London, England, costs almost ten times as much, with an average of 165 Euros a week, making it the most expensive airport to park at in the EU.

It costs 21 Euros to travel from Oslo Rygge airport to the city centre, whereas in Slovakia, a transfer ticket from the airport to Bratislava city centre costs only around 90 cents. Warsaw and Prague are also cheap to travel to from the airport, costing between 1.10 or 1.30 Euro. Flyers should bare in the mind though, that some transfers cost more due to the distance from the airport to the city, and that sometimes flying to or from an airport further from a city centre can work out cheaper.

Duty Free Alcohol
Berlin is one of the cheapest places to get duty free spirits. A 1 litre bottle of Martini Bianco would set you back 7 Euros and a Jack Daniels Black Label would cost 25 Euros. The price of these things in Amsterdam airport would be a whopping 15 Euros and 29 Euros apiece.

Duty Free Perfume
The prices of perfume don’t tend to differ too much, but by buying in Berlin rather than Vienna you could save yourself around 5 Euros.

Duty Free Cigarettes
Berlin is one of the most expensive places to buy duty free cigarettes, a block packet of Marlboro Gold costs 44 Euros. In Budapest, however, the same packet sells for over ten Euros cheaper, at 33.50 Euros.

Duty Free Chocolate
If you were planning on stocking up on your sweet stash or buying chocolate as a present, the best places to do so would be Athens, Berlin or Budapest where a 375g box of Ferrero Rocher is priced at around 10 Euros and a 400g Dark Toblerone around 8 Euros. Don’t indulge your sweet tooth in Oslo though, as these things will cost 3 or even 4 Euros more at the airport there.

The cheapest place to fly to or from in the European Union is Katowice Airport. Paris Beauvais, Oslo Rygge, Stockholm Skavsta, Brussels Charleroi, Milan Bergamo, Frankfurt Hahn and Düsseldorf Weeze are all listed as cheaper airports to fly to and from. However, what you may save on your flight, you will have to pay out in getting from the airport to the city. Always research exactly which airport you are flying to and how to get from the airport to your destination- just because the airport has the same name as the city doesn’t always mean the airport is close to that city!

The EUs most expensive flights go to and from Zurich, Helsinki, London Heathrow, Prague and Vienna.


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