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The Airport of the Future

Tue, 01/03/2017
Technology in the Airport: Future of Flight

We are only 3 days into the New Year 2017 and many of us are already projecting our minds towards the future and what it could bring. Flight changed the world in the last century, bringing us forward and making the world a much smaller place; but in the 21st century air travel took off and reached new heights- no puns intended. Nowadays, more and more routes appear every year and the internet is chock-full with flight deals, meaning the world really is our oyster.

The coming 365 days look set to be another sky-rocketing year for aviation; new technology is bound to have an impact on the way we fly and trends from 2016 will carry on growing and changing the industry.

One thing that popped up in airports the world over throughout 2016 was self bag-drop. Although it’s been around for a while, airports and airlines have been a little slow to introduce the idea. You see, in theory self service bag drop is a great way of saving money on staff, but the introduction of the technology means staff have to man the machines anyway in order to help the countless passengers who don’t know how to use the machines. Not to mention the actual installation and upkeep of such machines. As more become familiar with the process, the self bag drop looks set to become a permanent fixture in our airports, much like the electronic passport check- a technology which many struggled with at its introduction, but has now become a routine part of passing through an airport.

Online check-in has also become normality, reducing costs for air carriers and speeding up the time passengers spend in the airport. This self-service means less passengers queuing for check-in, and subsequently less stress at the airport. These days it’s usually only those with checked baggage, those who require a document check or those who cannot check in online who visit the check-in desks.

In-flight entertainment looks set to have a huge turnaround in 2017, with ever more broadband connectivity systems and in-flight entertainment providers looking to offer passengers streaming via their own devices. Changing the way we consume media during a flight will also mean a change in the way we pay for it. The age of on-demand viewing, Netflix and Amazon Prime has been upon us for quite some time and in-flight entertainment is next to make the shift.

It’s certainly going to be an exciting year for aviation.

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