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Airport Frustration

Mon, 10/31/2016
Delayed Flight? Make the most out of it.

There are a multitude of things that can go wrong at the airport, making us riled up and frustrated when we're supposed to be off on, or hare returning from, a relaxing holiday. We've got some tips on how to handle these airport nightmares and make the most out of a sticky situation.

-Lost or Delayed Luggage
What can be worse than the prospect of having to wear the same clothes for days on end when you’ve just arrived in your dream destination but your luggage failed to get there. Alleviate your worries by going straight to the help desk at baggage claims and report the issue. You are entitled to buy new clothes and underwear; provided you keep the cost to a minimum and keep receipts, the airline should refund you. Lost & Found will help you generate your personalized claims letter and guide you in claiming your money back for the costs your incurred as a result of the luggage mishap.

-Someone is in your seat
If you have booked a particular seat, but you board the plane and somebody is in it, don’t let it ruin your day nor theirs. Politely show them your ticket and seat number and point out the seat numbers above their head. Often your fellow passengers might not be as clued up as you are and may not even have looked at the seat numbers. Another common mistake passengers make is confusing the aisle seat and the window seat, the signs aren’t always clear and they might need some guidance.

-Denied Boarding
You’ve checked your bags in, gone through security and gotten yourself to the gate on time. When you get there you are denied boarding because the plane is overbooked and not enough people have volunteered to give up their seat. Just your luck. Don’t worry, the airline is likely to provide you with certain benefits, so make the most of those and use the extra time to inform yourself on your rights. If you are denied boarding against your will you are entitled to compensation. That’s where we at Get paid When Delayed can help.

-Loud Kids/ Screaming Baby
When we want to get some shut-eye or relax on our journey, the majority of us dislike loud young families, but it doesn’t mean we’re heartless or unsympathetic. It’s completely normal if the noise grinds your gears. What isn’t normal though, is being impolite, or expecting a parent to mute their child with a click of their fingers. Be prepared to be disturbed and if you can’t hack it, pack earplugs in your hand luggage. If you forget them, you could try asking the flight attendant, they may have some on-board. Earplugs can also be a life-saver for those passengers who suffer from ear-ache when flying, particularly during descent.

-Delayed or Cancelled Flight
Waiting around can turn the best of us into ratty, frustrated creatures who want nothing more than to finally get on our way. But when your flight has been delayed or cancelled, sometimes you are left with no choice but to wait around the airport, which starts to look like a no-man’s land filled over-priced bottles of water and duty-free perfumes. When left in such a sticky situation it’s good to try and make the best of it, why not use the extra time to pull out your laptop and get some extra work done, catch up on some reading or watch a film with the kids? Make yourself at home in the airport and find a comfy place to sit. Spend a while perusing the shops and duty-free, there’s no harm in window shopping. Or use the time in an even smarter way, by finding out your rights and what you might be entitled to! At Get Paid When Delayed we charge no fee and take no commission for helping you. The process is easy, just go to the website and start the questionnaire to generate your claims letter! It can be done just as easily on a mobile or tablet, so it’s perfect for airport procrastination.