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Airplane Movies

Mon, 08/01/2016
Leonardo Di Caprio in The Aviator (2004)

A flight can be a fantastic place to sit back, relax and enjoy a movie from the selection of on-board entertainment. It can also be a dramatic and exciting place for a film to be set… Here is a list of films we wouldn’t recommend watching on flight (some of them are rather scary)!

Snakes On A Plane (2006)
This film is about the rather scary scenario it describes in the title.

Alive (1993)
Alive is true story of a plane crash in the Andes.

Catch Me If You Can (2002)
Another true story, a con man poses as a pilot in order to cash millions in cheques.

Up In The Air (2009)
A jet setting businessman’s lifestyle is threatened when a love interest and new appointee come onto the scene.

Con Air (1997)
Prisoners seize control of their transport plane, a paroled ex-con is stuck on board with them.

The Aviator (2004)
True story depicting the life of Howard Hughes, legendary director and aviator.

Airplane! (1980)
A comedy where the pilots become sick and a man who is scared of flying must land the plane.

Flight (2012)
A pilot must fly upside down in order to save the passengers of his malfunctioning airliner, an investigation into the case reveals more than he bargains for.

Best to wait until you’ve landed to watch any of these films! Due to their thrilling nature, we don’t suspect any airlines would include them in their in-flight entertainment either!

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