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Airline Claim Letter: How To

Fri, 11/04/2016
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Trouble writing your claim letter to the airline? Here at Get Paid When Delayed we’ve developed a simple and fast way to express your claim in the right words.

Whether you’ve been delayed, your flight was cancelled or you’ve been denied boarding, our service is here to help you. We also have a new section of the website, Lost & Found, which helps you claim for lost, damaged and delayed baggage on all international flights.

It’s simple and easy to begin, just start by clicking the Start Your Claim button, either at Get Paid When Delayed for flight disruptions, or Lost & Found for baggage troubles.

Get Paid When Delayed deals with disruptions to your plans, whether flying, or taking a train. At the moment we only have train services for the UK and Germany, but have more EU countries on the way soon.

You’ll then be ask to choose what happened on your flight, or to your luggage. You have the options Flight Delayed, Flight Cancelled, Denied Boarding or Delayed Baggage, Damaged Baggage or Lost Baggage.

In order to determine whether you are entitled to claim we’ll ask a series of questions, such as why the flight was delayed and the details of your flight. The flight distance and delay time will determine how much compensation you are entitled to claim.

For most incidences, you’ll be entitled to welfare provided by the airline during the waiting time. This may include a hotel, when you’re delayed overnight for example, and transport to and from the airport. The airline should also include meals and refreshments during the delay time, or time waiting for a rescheduled flight. If the airline doesn’t provide such amenities, make sure to keep the expenses to a reasonable price and save all your receipts, as you’ll need to provide evidence in order to get refunded.

If you’re making a claim for damaged, lost or delayed luggage, the airline should reimburse you for any expenses you incurred as a direct result of your affected bags. This might mean clothes whilst you wait for the luggage to arrive, or a toothbrush, or transport to pick up your bags when they finally do arrive. Again, such expenses need to be kept to a minimum if you expect the airline to give the money back.

After you’ve completed to process the last thing the website will ask for is your personal details. Don’t worry, we never share this information with any third parties, it is only used so that we can generate a full and complete claims letter ready for you to send directly to the airline.

The final step before your letter is a calculation of the airline’s liability to you, we will display this total sum in Euros. A unique session ID will also be generated so that you can return to your claim any time you may need to.

Your claims letter is finished. It is completely filled out with all your information and adapted to your personal claim, just download it or find it in an email that we’ve sent to you. We’ve even provided you with all the details of the airline so that no time is lost filing your claim. It helps to contact the airline in a number of ways, so after you’ve posted or emailed your claims letter, be sure to follow it up with a Twitter, Facebook post or a phone call to check on your claim or ask any further questions you have. Public posts on Twitter and Facebook put the right kind of pressure on the airline, which they cannot hide from.

If you have any more questions regarding your claim, or need help on our website, get in touch with one of our customer service representatives here.

Don’t delay, start your claim today!