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5 Crazy Reasons For Delayed Flights

Why Is My Flight Delayed?

A flight can be delayed for many reasons, according to European Regulation 261/2004 such reasons can fall into two categories, either being deemed extraordinary circumstances or not.

The Worlds Shortest Flights

Short Flights And Isle Hopping

Since Charles Lindbergh flew to Paris from New York non-stop back in 1927, the aviation feats of the world have been very much focused on the longest and farthest stints.

Claiming For Lost And Damaged Luggage

Pile of Luggage at Baggage Claim

Not many people are aware of this, and the airline isn’t likely to inform you either, but when your bag is lost or damaged, the air carrier is liable to refund you for the damages which they cause. According to the Montreal Convention of 1999, they must replace the items which are affected.

Airline Claim Letter: How To

Looking Up The Aisle: Seat On The Airplane

Trouble writing your claim letter to the airline? Here at Get Paid When Delayed we’ve developed a simple and fast way to express your claim in the right words.

An Interview With Nina From

Perhentian Islands

An Interview With Nina From

Airport Frustration

Delayed Flight? Make the most out of it.

There are a multitude of things that can go wrong at the airport, making us riled up and frustrated when we're supposed to be off on, or hare returning from, a relaxing holiday. We've got some tips on how to handle these airport nightmares and make the most out of a sticky situation.

Eurowings and Germanwings Strikes Mean Delays Across Germany

Germanwings and Eurowings have delayed flights today

Hundreds of flights have been cancelled today across Germany. The budget units of the German airline Lufthansa, Eurowings and Germanwings have had to delay many flights or reschedule until tomorrow due to the UFO (Unabhängige Flugbegleiter Organisation) calling a 24 hour strike.

Scammed At The Airport

The Best Way To Avoid Scams Is To Know How To Notice Them

Before travelling to a destination it’s good to read up on possible scams, such as tricks and hacks, whether you may need to barter, if certain areas are notorious for theft and pick-pocketing, reviews of your accommodation and other safety issues you might have to be aware of.

In-Flight Conversation: How To Make Friends On The Plane

Talk to a Stranger on the Plane

Whether travelling alone or with company, the plane, bus, train or boat journey is a great place to meet people.

How long do I have to make a claim?

Claim for Delayed Flight

European Regulation 261/2004 from the European Union Court of Justice establishes laws and practices on refunding and compensating airline passengers in the event of a delay, cancellation or if they have been denied boarding.


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