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Airport Don’ts

Airport Etiquette

These days everyone seems to fly, making not only the airport a busier and more daunting place, but it has also it has also become common to share tips and ideas about getting through the airport.

Surprise Destinations, Seat Plans and Security

Aviation / Airline News

What’s happening in aviation this week?


Ryanair has announced it will not be changing its seat allocation policy after news coverage last month highlighted problems with the way free seats were allocated.

Flying Solo

Travelling Alone

Travelling alone for the first time can be a very difficult, yet extremely rewarding experience. There are a few things you can do to make your journey easier, feel braver and be prepared for what’s ahead.

Efficient Packing

Airline Baggage Restrictions

If you’ve ever had to rearrange your bags, chuck something away at the airport or leave heavy items behind, you’ll know the importance of planning your packing before you go to the airport.

Airline Passenger Rights in the EU


EU Regulation 261/2004 establishes passenger rights for delays, cancellations and cases of passengers getting denied boarding. It covers flights within the EU with all carriers.

The Laptop Ban & Your Hand Luggage

What can I take in my cabin baggage?

In March 2017 the US Federal Aviation Administration forbade passengers from bringing electronic devices bigger than a mobile phone into airplanes as hand luggage.

Travel Alert, Travel Warning or Travel Ban?

Advice on Travel to Region

The US State Department has issued another travel alert for Europe from May 2017 until September 2017, indicating a ‘heightened risk’ of terrorist attacks.

United Leggings, Dress Code and the Golden Age of Air Travel

What To Wear On A Flight?

Two young girls were recently denied boarding from a United Airlines flight for wearing leggings.

Overbooked Flights

Boarding A Flight

In the past few weeks there have been numerous incidents in the media surround airlines overbooking their flights.

What You Don't Know About Airlines...

Secrets of the Aviation Industry

Even if you’re a frequent flyer, have collected a lot of air miles and think you know everything there is to know about flying, all the tricks and hacks of the airport and the way things work, there is probably still a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that you aren’t aware of.


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