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Ryanair and legal firm lock horns – but passengers don’t need a lawyer!


The flight delay chaos caused by Ryanair is still making headlines as law firm FairPlane, which charges 25 percent for compensation won, accuse the airline 'intimidating' their clients claiming compensation.

Delayed Ryanair passengers urged to Get Paid

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Some 2000 Ryanair flights will be canceling over the next six weeks because, the company says, a mess up in the planning of pilot holidays. But it’s not just the pilots’ holidays Ryanair are messing with as around 400,000 passengers have been left to make alternative arrangements.

How To Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh When Flying


We all start out looking absolutely gorgeous and prepped for a luxurious travel, then hours, sometimes days later, we stumble out of the airport looking dry, wrinkled, dull and a few years older.
Oh my, our poor, dried out skin!

Want to know the secrets of how to win the attendants over on a long haul flight?


Say you have your next Summer Holiday booked and you’ve chosen to visit Australia. Your travel plans: London to Sydney via Dubai. You’ve got your flip flops, your beach towel and you’re ready to darken that glow worm skin you’ve been cultivating since last Autumn. Exciting!

8 Things You Need To Stop Believing About Air Travel

Flying Myths

Air-con makes you sick

EU Airlines Swarm Over A Bankrupt Air Berlin

Will Lufthansa take over Air Berlin?

Germany´s second largest airline, Air Berlin has gone bankrupt.

Flight Disruption in Italy

Italy Airport Strikes

EasyJet published an alert yesterday that airport workers will take industrial action on Wednesday the 26th of July 2017.

Game of Thrones European Tour

Game of Thrones in Europe

Winter is here...

Over-Optimism When Travelling

Delayed at the airport

Travel is one of the most valuable things you can spend your money on.

How to Claim for a Delayed Flight

Delayed Flight Claim Online

If you are denied boarding, delayed or a flight is cancelled, there’s a possibility you might be eligible for compensation or a refunded ticket.


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