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About Us

Get Paid When Delayed

Get Paid When Delayed is a website that helps users get the compensation they deserve after experiencing flight or train delays. We have developed a user-friendly model that can generate your claim letter in less than five minutes, automatically calculating exactly what you are owed and citing all the necessary legal terms. Once you have your claim ready, we provide you with all known ways to contact your airline or train provider, as well as hints and tips to get the quickest response. The best part – it’s completely free! Our aim is to help the underdog defeat the multinational corporations and receive 100% of the compensation they are owed – never charging and never taking a commission.

Get Paid When Delayed - Lost & Found

If you travel on a plane and your baggage ends up being delayed, damaged or lost, it is the airline's (carrier's) liability to offset damages - even if you don't have travel insurance.

Depending on your departure location and arrival destination the Warsaw Convention and Montreal Convention apply. While they have different limits to what you might get when you make a claim, they state that the carrier is liable for delayed, damaged or lost baggage unless the damage resulted from the inherent defect or quality of the baggage or, in terms of delay, the carrier proves that it took all reasonable measures to avoid the damage occasioned by that delay.

As for unchecked baggage (that is, carry-on baggage), the carrier is only liable if the damage is due to the fault of the carrier or its agents.

NOS Microsystems Ltd.

NOS Microsystems Ltd. is an electronic software distribution specialist, founded in 2001. With an emphasis on usability, affordability, customer security, and without the use of obtrusive advertising, NOS Micro has created leading products in Transfer Management, Download Management and Cloud Computing. In 2011, the company branched into the world of mobile applications, maintaining the ethos of user-friendliness. NOS Apps creates fun, useful apps for a large audience, and can boast millions of downloads worldwide. Check out other products in the NOS family by clicking on the links below!
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