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Know Your Rights

Di, 08/02/2016
flight delays

The EU Regulation 261 applies for any flight departing from any airport in the EU or arriving in the EU with an EU airline (or an Icelandic, Norwegian or Swiss carrier). It sets out that if your flight arrives more than three hours late, or is cancelled then you are entitled to compensation. The figures are as follows:

1,500km or less within the EU - 250€
1,500km or more within the EU - 400€

1,500km or less between a non-EU and an EU airport - 250€
1,500 to 3,500 km between a non-EU and an EU airport - 400€
over 3,500km between a non-EU and an EU airport - 600€

If delayed by over 5 hours you are also entitled to a refund. If you accept a refund from the airline during your delayed time the carrier doesn’t have the obligation to provide onward travel.

The air carrier is obliged to inform its passengers of reasons as well as their rights for disruptions such as cancellations, long delays or being denied boarding.

Passengers are also entitled to refreshments, a free phone call and meals. If needed, they should be provided with overnight stay by the airline.

If an alternative flight was offered by the airline, the compensation amount can be halved.

No compensation is given to cancelled flights which:

-Are due to bad weather conditions
-Passengers were informed about 2 weeks prior
-Alternatives were offered for, on a similar schedule going the same route

Those are your rights set out plainly, but it can still be difficult working out just how much you are owed, how far the flight should have been, how long you were delayed for, how much you may be owed for welfare, not to mention how to word the claims letter. That’s why we’re here to help. Go to Get Paid When Delayed to get help understanding what you’re entitled to, and make the claims process a whole lot simpler!