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How to Claim for a Delayed Flight

Mi, 06/28/2017
Delayed Flight Claim Online

If you are denied boarding, delayed or a flight is cancelled, there’s a possibility you might be eligible for compensation or a refunded ticket.

The regulation EC 261/2004 of the European Union established rules on airline liability for looking after passengers in the case of a delay or flight cancellation. Passengers who experience flight disruptions where the airline is responsible can claim up to €600 per person to compensate for the lost time and other inconveniences suffered.

Furthermore, the airline is obligated to look after passengers during the time they have to wait, even if the cause of the flight delay is not within the airline’s control. Such situations are called ‘extraordinary circumstances’ in the EU flight compensation regulation and include things like weather conditions, civil unrest, manufacturing defects which are not the fault of the airline directly, industrial action (strikes) or security risks like acts of terrorism and sabotage. When there are extraordinary circumstances causing a delay, passengers get welfare packages from the airline, so that they are provided with food and drink, phonecalls and overnight stay during the waiting time. Delays with extraordinary circumstances do not warrant the passenger to claim a compensation payment.

In order to establish whether a claim can be made, passengers should answer the following questions:

Are you departing from an EU country?

Are you arriving in an EU country?

How long was your delay?

How far was your flight?

What was the cause of your delay?

Which airline did you fly with?

How long was your flight time?

Get Paid When Delayed has been designed to work out these things for you and, subsequently, deduce whether you are entitled to claim compensation as well as exactly how much you are liable to claim. After having filled in the simple questionnaire, Get Paid When Delayed will provide you with a completed claims letter with all the details the airline will need to process your claim. With the airline contact details provided you can quickly and easily email, post or fax your letter directly to them, cutting out the expensive middle man and claiming 100% of your compensation money.

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