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Game of Thrones European Tour

Mi, 07/12/2017
Game of Thrones in Europe

Winter is here...

Game of Thrones Season 7 will be released next week. For all the fans that simply can’t get enough of the hit HBO show based on the books by George R.R. Martin, it’s possible to delve into Game of Thrones in different locations across Europe. Here’s where to head for some GOT themed getaways.


Dubrovnik in Croatia is the famous filming location for King’s Landing.

Although the show uses many parts of the city, head for St Dominika Street, Fort St Lawrence, Fort Bokar and Stradun if you want to feel like you’re walking around the capital of the Seven Kingdoms.

Or head to Gradac Park to see where Joffrey Lannister met his end at his own wedding feast.

Essos, on the other side of the Narrow Sea, has a much warmer climate than that of Westeros (which is much like Northern Europe), which is why much of it is also filmed in the countryside and landscapes of Croatia.

Producers of Game of Thrones took shots from Diocletian’s Palace in Split, Croatia for scenes that take place in Slaver’s Bay.

To see the Game of Thrones sights in Croatia, check out flights to Dubrovnik/ ÄŚilipi Airport, or Tivat Airport in Montenegro is also only about 2 hours away.

Northern Ireland

Much of Game of Thrones is filmed in Northern Ireland. Realms from the Northern part of the Seven Kingdoms fit well into the Northern Irish scenery, this is because George R. R. Martins based the Wall on Hadrian’s wall, which runs between England and Scotland. Given the rolling hills, rugged coastline and similar climate, Northern Ireland and the British Isles in general have similar landscapes to the ones imagined in A Song of Ice and Fire.

Winterfell, the home of the Stark family, for example has been filmed particularly in locations like Carncastle, Castle Ward and Tollymore Forest Park.

The Iron Islands and Pyke, where house Greyjoy reside in the books, are filmed at Ballintoy Harbour and Mulough Bay.

The Riverlands, The Twins, Riverrun and Vale of Arryn are at River Quoile, Glenariff and Strangford Lough.

To get to Northern Ireland look for flights to Belfast International, George Best Belfast City Airport or the City of Derry Airport.


The lands beyond the Wall, home to Wildlings and Whitewalkers, are filmed in Iceland. The Fist of the First Men is in Vik, in the south of the island; film producers also used the glacier at Skaftafell and the largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajökull for many episodes; Lake Mývatn and the nearby Grjótagjá (Jon Snow and Ygritte’s cave), in the North of Iceland became the sets for many scenes Beyond the Wall.

The main airports in Iceland are Reykjavik and Keflavik.


Game of Thrones fans will know that the home of House Martell, Dorne, in southern Westeros, is very similar to Spain in many ways. It’s not surprising then, that scenes in Dorne are primarily filmed in Spain, in locations like: Alcázar of Seville, Castle of Zafra, Girona and Castell de Santa Florentina in Canet de Mar. The closest large airports to these sights are Seville and Barcelona, respectively.


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