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Claiming For Lost And Damaged Luggage

Mo, 11/07/2016
Pile of Luggage at Baggage Claim

Not many people are aware of this, and the airline isn’t likely to inform you either, but when your bag is lost or damaged, the air carrier is liable to refund you for the damages which they cause. According to the Montreal Convention of 1999, they must replace the items which are affected.

For all affected delayed, lost or damaged luggage, the airline must cover expenses which come as a direct result. That means if you arrive at your holiday destination and your bag does not, you can buy clean clothes, a toothbrush and any other essential items which you may need until your bag (eventually) does arrive. The airline will not, however, reimburse you if you do not keep such expenses to a minimum, so forget choosing Calvin Klein underwear and thinking you’ll get the money back, go for the cheaper ones instead and always remember to keep your receipts. You’ll have to be able to prove your outgoings to the airline if you’d like them refunded.

If the airline knows where your bag is and when it will arrive, it is possible that you will be given an overnight bag, with things like a toothbrush and toiletries to tide you over until your baggage gets to where you are staying. If you have to return to an airport to pick up delayed baggage, the airline should pay for the journey there and back, so keep any record and proof train or bus tickets, or taxi fares by asking for receipts, and then send those to the airline with your claims letter.

Airlines don’t compensate for lost, delayed or damaged baggage; they won’t pay out for stress or inconvenience caused by such circumstances. Neither will an airline pay out if your bag was faulty before flying, or if the items damaged were valuable, fragile or perishable.

The Lost & Found tool on our website Get Paid When Delayed.com helps you quickly and easily work out how much you are entitled to claim from the airline, and generates a full and complete claims letter for you to send to the airline. We also provide full contact details of your airline, including the address, email, telephone number and social media accounts. It’s best to contact the airline in more than one way if you want your claim to be processed fast! Get in touch with one of our customer service representatives via our chat feature, or via email if you need further assistance or advice with your claim.

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